No Context, a record label grown from a decade+ worth of industry experience by Kyle Watson and his wife Tash.

No Context is that tingly feeling you get when the warm embrace of a good bassline wraps around your ears. Isolate that bassline – take it out of context – and suddenly it makes a lot less sense. It’s the combination of seemingly random and unrelated elements that create something truly magical, and that’s what inspires us here at No Context.

Playing off our intrigue, we’re not afraid to take risks and try the unexpected because we know that’s when the really good stuff happens. In Kyle’s own words: No Context is a platform to showcase my versatility as a producer and be a home not only for house music that works as well on a dance floor as it does on a playlist, but also as an outlet for the occasionally unexpected sounds that emerge from the studio.’

At the core, we want to throw our weight behind dance music that makes you feel like you’re covered in a cosy blanket of bassline goodness. It’s home for music that cuts through the noise, and we think you’re going to like it here.


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